learn how to coach the unconscious mind

Enrollment for the September 2023 cohort is open now

Whether you want to (1) explore your own brain’s potential, (2) have a desire to learn a cool set of tools to help people and launch an amazing career, or (3) are an established coach, wanting to radically upgrade your skill set…

… you don’t simply want to go through another learning program.

You want something extraordinary.

You want to become a magician.

We want to tell you about magic.

And we want to tell you about the part of human consciousness that most conventional trainings have been missing.

this picture says a lot about the two humans’ respective personalities
this picture says a lot about the two humans’ respective personalities

The unconscious mind

Did you know that your unconscious mind is your operating system?

For the most part, your unconscious mind determines your thoughts for you. 

You only think you’re in control.

I’m talking about socialization, familial patterns, early life memories, traumas, and habituated nervous system responses. 

All of that influences who you think you are, what you think you want, how you do the things you do, and what results you’re available to create and sustain — and so much of it happens before you have a single conscious thought.

Sound like a bummer? It’s not.

Research reveals something extraordinary: our unconscious mind is actually amazingly adaptive and malleable, and is actively being re-coded every minute.

And you do have an amazing amount of control over all this.

In fact, when you connect the conscious and unconscious minds, you can unlock 98% of human potential.  

When you learn how to work with someone’s conscious AND unconscious minds…

That’s when you instantly get people to relax around you and trust you, just by changing the unconscious signals you’re giving out.

Instead of taking 10 sessions to talk through an issue with a client, you locate the unconscious pattern at work and resolve it in just 1 session.

You trigger neurochemicals that help your clients not only achieve their goals, but to become a version of themselves that they assumed was years and years of “healing” away.

Fuck needing years of “working on yourself.”

When you cut through to the heart of unconscious patterns, conventional results and conventional timelines become irrelevant.

You don’t want to feel like another coach on the internet.

You want to feel like a damn superhero. 

Being able to coach at both the conscious and unconscious levels is at the very cutting edge of where neuroscience meets ancient-healing-wisdom-and-straight-up-magic. 

That is what you gives you the superhero cape.

And there has been no other coach training that teaches you mastery and artistry of precisely this.

Until now.


(The best fucking coaching certification ever created.)

This isn’t yo’ mama’s coach certification. 

It’s THE coaching certification that’s going to make your jaw drop, electrify you, melt your reality several times over, and upgrade the whole damn paradigm of consciousness you’re operating in.

It’s the punk rock, brain-melting, quantum-field-activating, psychedelic hypno-magic Jedi mind training you didn’t know existed on Planet Earth.

It’s being brought to you by two veterans and rebels of the coaching field: (an actual) punk-rock-musician-turned-world-famous-hypnosis-trainer (Melissa Tiers), and a tarot-reading millionaire business coach with a shamanic family lineage (Simone Seol). 

We’ve created the training we wish we had when we started out – the one that finally brings it all together.

This coach certification won’t just change your career trajectory.

It will change your entire experience of life.

You will learn how to rewire habituated patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior fast.

You will learn how to look “under the hood” of someone’s thoughts, and update unconscious patterns with a surgeon’s precision. 

You will learn how to guide healing at the cognitive, emotional, biochemical and energetic levels seamlessly and artfully. 

And you will learn how to show up confidently, communicate the value of what you do, and build a successful practice on your own terms, so that all these skills don’t just stay with you as a hobby.

They become the foundation of an amazing fucking career.

If you think this is an extraordinary set of skills that will set you apart in the marketplace, you are right.

You’re going to learn how to integrate the cutting-edge tools we’re teaching you into YOUR experience and perspectives to create a coaching paradigm that is unlike anyone else’s. 

We’re not teaching you to coach like us. We want you to coach like YOU.

You will discover your own voice and genius as a practitioner and design your own signature protocol, or update the one you already have to be many times more effective.

And you’re going to get the best damn business education available for coaches, centered firmly in your uniqueness, ethics, and sustainability. You will learn exactly how to program your own unconscious mind to set yourself up for the growth you want, whether you’re signing clients for the first time, or taking your established business to the next level.

There is no guesswork here.

You want the best fucking coaching skills AND be able to set up shop and start serving people right away.

We will hold your hand through every step you need to be able to do exactly that.

We will teach you how to create demand for your coaching by the time you receive certification. 

Here’s how you’ll get certified

The certification program is fully virtual and takes place on Zoom.

It consists of 3 weekend intensives and 2-hour weekly sessions, running September 9 – November 30, 2023.

  • 3 virtual weekend intensives (1 – 6 PM Eastern Time, September 9 – 10, October 14 – 15, November 11 – 12)
  • Weekly sessions (6 – 8 PM Eastern Time, every Thursday September 14 – November 30)
  • Each session will be interactive. Be prepared to play!
  • All sessions are recorded and replays will be available, because life happens and students are located all over the world.
  • Optional weekly practice and Q&A calls will be held during daytime hours in Europe/Africa (Mondays beginning 9/18, 1-3 PM ET) and Asia/Australia (Tuesdays beginning 9/19, 8-10 PM ET)

In order to receive certification, you must attend all classes (you must watch the replays and study on your own if you miss a live meeting), participate in all the practices (which occur during the live sessions), and pass a certification assessment that will be administered at the end of the 3-month course.

You will also have access to weekly practice and Q&A calls during daytime hours in Europe/Africa, as well as daytime hours in Asia/Australia outside of the official call schedule. Everyone will be able to attend regular practice sessions, no matter what your time zone is.



By the time you’re certified in Integrative Change Work, you will have the world’s most cutting-edge coaching skills.

The curriculum encompasses the following and more:


  • Master conscious-unconscious congruence, the #1 skill that will dramatically increase your coaching effectiveness
  • Learn the most effective ways of establishing consent (YES, this matters) and resonance with your clients and audience – whether in 1:1 conversation, or in a group class
  • Learn how to “read” the client’s unconscious communication to pinpoint what they need beyond what they’re telling you
  • Learn how to embed hypnotic suggestions into coaching conversations to get deeper, faster change that goes way beyond thoughts
  • Induce trance to access psychedelic states… without the drugs (if that sounds fun… it is!)


  • Master research-backed coaching processes for changing any habit, working not just with thoughts, but nervous system responses and energy states
  • Learn how to recognize and rapidly regulate fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses so you can dissolve somatic blocks, dramatically reducing the time it takes for your clients to achieve their goals
  • Master the skill of re-coding responses to common triggers, to free clients from the effects of past memories, including even the oldest trauma patterns 
  • Discover somatic strategies to release unconscious patterns, and “wire in” new ones


  • Master the Meta Pattern of Change, the one protocol that allows you to help almost anyone with almost anything (we teach this on day 1, and if you dropped off of the training after that, you’ll be better off than most other coaches out there)
  • Learn techniques that take you beyond common “coaching” issues, and helps clients to get rapid relief from triggers and cravings, anxiety, procrastination, insomnia, and phobias (by the way, any one of these is an in-demand niche area)
  • Cultivate the balance between creating fast and powerful results, AND hold a grounded presence required for sustained work and the long-term unfolding of the client’s true purpose, potential, and mastery
  • Learn how to not just be trauma-informed, but trauma-effective, so that you can guide clients not just to safety and regulation, but to thriving regardless of trauma
  • Learn the non-linear ways of setting and achieving goals that unlock play, fun, and creative flow, and lead clients through them


  • Learn a sophisticated mind-body framework for creating business growth. This is truly rarely taught, and even more rarely practiced, and it is the #1 factor that distinguishes those who grow businesses with fun, ease, and sustainability, and those who hustle hard for barely any result, and get burnt out.
  • Reprogram your unconscious mind to feel safe with visibility, authority, and abundance
  • Have your hand held as you walk through each step that it takes to set up a successful coaching practice from scratch. We will teach you to focus on key essentials, which will have you growing faster while avoiding all the common pitfalls that waste so many coaches’ time, energy, and money
  • Learn how to price and structure your offer in a way that allow you to attract your best-fit clients at any level of business growth
  • Master ethical, consent-based, alignment-centering selling

Meet your instructors

If you’ve been hanging out online and haven’t heard of her until now, that’s probably because she’s been too busy delivering keynote speeches, authoring multiple award-winning books (Integrative Hypnosis, Keeping the Brain in Mind, Integrative Hypnosis for kids and Teens: Playing for Change), giving trainings to sold-out audiences of psychiatrists, therapists, and coaches in multiple countries, and being quoted in magazines (Marie Claire, More Magazine, etc)…

…that she never had time to give a shit about strategic online branding or sales funnels. 

So… if you never saw her in an “online coaches’ summit,” or never ran into a “lead magnet” of hers on social media, that’s why.

(She still doesn’t know what the fuck a “lead magnet” is, so… if you don’t either, that’s not a problem.)

and… after the first 10 minutes of sitting in her training, you might forget all of the above because you’ll be so busy laughing from how funny she is.

And after the first day of training, your brain will be a puddle of goo on the floor — in the best way. And all your old ideas of who you were and what is possible will be completely dissolved, leaving you feeling damn near reborn.

“As a Columbia-trained psychiatrist, I thought I knew a thing or two about therapy. Melissa’s influence has transformed the way I practice psychiatry.”


“Melissa is as funny as she is warm and smart. And one of the most no-nonsense, let’s-get-on-with-it type of person you will ever meet. The combination of all of the above makes her rather exceptional, whether the encounter is as a client or as a student. Refreshing and healing at the same time.”


“I’m a psychiatrist with over 40 years experience and Melissa’s class was the best investment in time and money I have ever made for both personal growth and professional development.”


Simone Seol is a seismic earthquake in the online business space.

She speaks truth to lazy, shitty, manipulative paradigms of “bro marketing” while modeling radical vulnerability, transparency and humanity.

She has become widely known for her revolutionary trainings that unapologetically name and eschew abusive, extractive, and performative marketing in favor of centering each person’s authenticity, giving generously, and building relationships based on honesty and enthusiastic mutual consent.

Many know Simone Seol today as the rebel millionaire business coach and ADHD superhero… but she didn’t start out that way. In fact, she got her start in the coaching industry a decade ago, with Melissa’s training!

They met one fateful day in 2010, when Simone was a spring chicken and gave Melissa a phone call to inquire about her hypnosis and coaching training. After a deep breath, she signed up right away, and proved herself to be a star student. (Yes, this is Simone writing about herself in the third person, patting herself on the back). 

After certification, she started apprenticing under Melissa, working with clients referred to by her, assisting in classes, as well as helping with many of Melissa’s manuscripts that made it into her books.

Over a decade later, Simone launched her own coaching practice, built a multi-million-dollar business, and created a groundbreaking body of work as a coach and business mentor. 

Simone hosts the top-rated Joyful Marketing podcast and is the author of the Amazon bestseller, The Fearless Marketing Bible for Life Coaches.

Casual exposure to her work may result in permanently healing your relationship to yourself…

And SUSTAINED exposure to her work in Integrative Change Work will help you break out of conventional business boxes, activate your unconscious business genius, and build a one-in-seven-billion coaching practice that is wildly magnetic to your best-fit clients.

“Without Simone’s teaching, I wouldn’t be where I am today: touring Paris and still generating revenue. I’ve never had any coach address my nervous system along with all the woo. I’m a misfit, neurodivergent, ADD surgeon who realized life coaching is her calling, and without Simone’s teaching, I’d still be trying to put my square peg into a round hole.”


“Learning from Simone is like tapping into the wisest, most loving part of your entrepreneurial self. What she teaches is mind-blowing and heart-opening, but ALSO deeply congruent with the answers that are already trying to surface.”


“Simone is one of the few coaches who truly seeks to decrease human suffering as a leading value in her business and it comes through in everything she creates and how she shows up in the world.

As a person who spent her career as an academic physician, researcher, and professional medical educator, and Clinical Professor, I have spent 15 years as an expert at teaching, social learning, and knowing the importance of role modeling alongside education, I can say I consider Simone one of the most qualified and trustworthy people I know to be teaching coaching at this time.”


A zoom room with Simone and Melissa smiling at you. There's a red PLAY button in the center of the image inviting you to click & watch the training.

If you want to get a taste of Coaching the Unconscious Mind, we did a 3-part workshop series that you can watch for free now.

We want you to feel as confident about business as you do about coaching. So, by the time you’re certified, we want your business to be ALREADY up and running.

You know that feeling when you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the website, you’ve got the business cards… and you’re like, “so, where are all the clients?”

Well, we’ve been there, and we’ve mentored countless coaches who have also been there.

We know that what you need is a practical marketing strategy and guidance right away.

So, we are building marketing and sales training right into the coaching certification, and teaching you in 3 months everything that took us decades to learn by painful trial and error — like, the non-sleazy marketing approaches that actually work, and ways to set yourself up for long-term success.

But here is one thing that is tragically misunderstood in conventional business training. 

The knowledge of “what to do” and “how to do it” lives in the CONSCIOUS mind.

“Plans and strategies” that someone can give you will take you only as far as your unconscious will let you.

If your unconscious mind and nervous system aren’t ready to embody a new identity, hold more power, wield more influence, and feel safe in a new level of self-actualization, it will slow down and sabotage all of your (consciously) best-laid plans.

That’s why along with getting the business training, we will guide you to update your “unconscious settings” for business.

You will learn at the unconscious level how to stand confidently in your new identity as a coach and leader, get comfortable in visibility, and expand your capacity to receive positive attention, recognition and money.

That’s when you’ll be able to create SUSTAINABLE results when we give you:

  • Exact step-by-step instructions to start marketing right away so that, by the time you receive certification, you already have a body of work and a professional presence that will start drawing in real clients.
  • Everything you need to know about how to create your unique coaching offer, price it, and market it in a way that is aligned with your personality, goals, and values.
  • Trainings on how to handle the common sticky questions that often come up in business and client relationships (e.g. How do you handle refunds? How do you respond to prospective clients who ask for a discount? Should you answer questions in between sessions? What results are safe to “promise”?), so that you can navigate those decisions with confidence, saving yourself so much time, confusion, and heartache.

Business is a living art form, and a continuous energetic alignment process that requires you to get honest with your own gifts and sacred responsibility towards others.

So many people seek coaching every single day. So many people are out there right this second, looking to hire a coach who seems like real human being who has exceptional skills AND genuinely gives a shit about them. 

Coaches who lead with substance, not a sales strategy. 

Coaches who put human relationships above profit. 

Coaches they can actually trust with their innermost tender places AND their biggest ambitions.

At the end of this certification, you will be one of them.

One of the problems we saw with existing coach trainings is that, once you get certified, you are on your own. (Sadly, this is why so many coaches learn great skills, and then drop out of practice.) 

The truth is, the “real” learning begins after you get certified, and start interacting with real life clients. But, in most other programs we saw, if you need ongoing support with your coaching skills, client interactions, or building your business, you had nowhere to go. Or you were encouraged to keep buying more programs.

Not with us. 

We know that sustainable growth takes time. True mastery takes time. And the unique evolution of your business requires support beyond 3 months. You need sustained support beyond the certification period. 

Therefore, we are giving every ICW alumnus FREE and INDEFINITE access to biweekly live practice and Q&A calls with Melissa and Simone.

That means, every 2 weeks, you can jump on a live Zoom call with other graduates to practice your skills, ask questions, and get answers from Melissa or Simone. Indefinitely. 

YES, REALLY. We want you to succeed. We will make sure you have every resource you need, and for as long as it takes to create a wonderful coaching practice you love. 

We want to make sure that ICW is the ONLY resource you need to invest in to make that happen.

Here’s what we’re NOT giving you.

We are painfully aware that a lot of the coaching world sells people:

  • the promise of a pain-free life,
    “get rich quick” schemes,
  • the idea that your well-being and ability to achieve goals is independent of the social, economic and political forces around you,
  • the idea that you should homogenize your brain and your life into looking like the cultural ideal of “perfection,”
  • illusions of instant gratification, and “secret formulas” and “exclusive blueprints” that allow you to bypass the longer-term work.


The goal of coaching is to unleash the human potential.

AND the beauty of the human potential lies in DIVERSITY — the diversity of brains, bodies, desires and dreams.

Your thriving looks completely different from someone else’s thriving. And it (usually) has nothing to do with what society prescribes as the “ideal” (like be rich, thin, neurotypical, heterosexually and monogamously coupled with 2.3 children in a white picket fence home, in which you are creepily happy all the time).

Thriving is also all about being fully present with the human experience — including the dark, mysterious and painful parts.

Thriving makes room for rapid and dramatic growth, as well as slow, gentle and incremental unfolding.

Thriving includes acknowledging the interrelatedness and interdependence of all beings, and exercising your powers and privileges in a way that truly serves the communities you’re part of.

These ideas aren’t just boxes we’re checking off. They are baked into our way of teaching, and the entire certification process.

Yes, you will master state-of-the-art coaching skills.

AND we will make sure that you also cultivate a coaching philosophy and quality of presence that takes people deeper into the experience of their own humanity.

You will learn to guide clients to define for themselves what happiness and thriving looks like, and follow that no matter what social pressures say.



From just the first day of training, you will walk out with a powerful protocol that you can use to help almost anyone with almost any issue. From there, you will stack on cutting-edge set of frameworks and tools to help clients change habits, transform beliefs, and re-code the unconscious mind to create wellness and thriving at every level. From there, you will practice, practice, practice to gain real-life skillfulness and confidence, and refine and hone your skills over the 3 months of training. 

This is everything you need. 


We want to be clear to state, coaches are not licensed therapists, and are not qualified to “treat trauma”, nor is it ethical to advertise anything close to that.

However, Melissa has been training trauma therapists for 20 years, and what you’ll be learning from her are the state-of-the-art protocols used by trauma therapists. Many of the techniques covered have helped many clients not just overcome old trauma patterns, but thrive. You will learn different ways of minimizing the emotional ramifications of the trauma history, and change the all the areas of their lives where the trauma pattern had been showing up. 


This certification course is truly integrative. Everything you’ve been doing is welcome, and we’ll teach you how to integrate these skillset into what you already do to enhance their effectiveness. 

For example, Simone was a tarot reader for a while, and her hypnosis coaching skills enabled her to go beyond merely reading cards, to creating deep subconscious changes in the client using the cards!


This class will teach you multi-level communication, which will take your teaching to a whole new level and make your effectiveness skyrocket. You’ll learn how to speaking to the individuals’ learning strategies, even with a group of hundreds. You will learn how to speak to not just the students’ conscious minds, but also their unconscious minds, prime them to be in the optimal state for learning and curiosity, and  lead the class in a way that will draw out their latent potential and creativity.


This is perfect for that. In fact, Melissa has been successfully training therapists who want to do just that, for decades. Plus, on the business side of things, Simone has also supported many therapists make the transition.


Ours focuses on working with every layer of the mind, including the unconscious mind. Our focus is on equipping you to be masterful at multilayer communication to elicit change and empowerment in your clients at the deepest levels.

This course also builds in a robust business training element, and one that is focused on integrity, ethical relationships, and sustainability.


Therapy traditionally deals with mental health issues, and help mental health patients. In coaching, we work WITH our clients in a co-creative way to achieve goals, to break through obstacles and barriers, to change their deeply ingrained patterns, and move forward. This certification trains you to become effective enough at those skills to build a successful career.


We are there to support your hands-on learning. And each class will be very interactive. You will be actively practicing and honing your skills throughout the training. And once the certification course is over, you will also have access to ongoing practice nights/supervision sessions that Melissa hosts for her certified students on Zoom every other Wednesday, at no extra cost.


If you love staying up late — or getting up really early — awesome! If not, we get it, and we’re going to make it easy for you.

We are going to hold weekly practice and Q&A calls for the cohort during daytime hours in Europe/Africa, as well as daytime hours in Asia/Australia outside of the official call schedule. Everyone will be able to attend a practice session, no matter what your time zone is.

You will come to the class, having caught up on the replays. (We’ll give you enough time in between to have caught up on those!) Then you get to practice, practice, practice what you just learned with your peers on these calls. Each week, you will get to put to the test the cool techniques we’re teaching right away, get immediate feedback, and be able to talk through any questions that come up for you. No all-nighters or bleary eyes required.

Unfortunately, due to the realities of Newtonian time, there are literally ZERO times in which everyone in 3 major time zones (Asia/Aus, Americas, and Europe/Africa) are going to be awake… but we will try to do as many times as possible that work for more multiple continents. These calls will be open to ALL students regardless of location.


Simone’s marketing philosophy is the same, so many ideas and practices will overlap. However, Simone is teaching something specific in this course that is not part of Joyful Marketing, which are (1) how to jump-start your coaching business — everything from creating your first offer, positioning, pricing, and working with your very first clients, and (2) the pragmatic aspects of managing your clients, your schedule, and cashflow so that the effort you put into it is sustainable and rewarding, and you do not risk burning out.


The answer is: Yes, we frankly think this training should be required learning for (1) everyone who impacts other humans (e.g. parents, teachers, mentors, community leaders, etc) and wants to be more effective, and (2) everyone who wants an effective and fun “user’s manual” to their own consciousness so they can maximize their potential.


Read more about the certifying bodies HERE.


The 4-month payment plan is available if you sign up before May 25th at 7:59 PM ET. Jump on that!


By the way, this will be one of the most FUN experiences of your life.

Ever taken a course where you were dumped with a whole bunch of information that left you overwhelmed and confused? 

Yup. So have we.

And here’s what we know about learning.

To master any set of skills, you can’t just cram a ton of knowledge into your brain. 

You have to follow the fun. You have to experience things firsthand. And you have to absorb and integrate what you are learning at the unconscious level.

We have designed the certification so that you (1) have a ton of fun, (2) learn by DOING, and (3) maximize your unconscious integration so that you can truly internalize the required skills, and embody the identity of an expert coach by the end of the 3 months.

Our curriculum is designed for that, from beginning to end.

From just the first day of training, you will walk out with a powerful protocol that alone is worth the price of entry.

With that day alone, you will already have an edge over most coaches out there, and you’ll feel confident that you’re able to help almost anyone with almost anything. 

The rest of the 3 months is expertly sequenced and layered so that you are steadily increasing in energy, confidence, and skillfulness.

Become Certified in Integrative Change Work

The certification program is fully virtual and takes place on Zoom.

It consists of 3 weekend intensives and 2-hour weekly sessions, running from September 9, 2023 to November 30, 2023.

  • 3 virtual weekend intensives (1 – 6 PM Eastern Time, September 9 – 10, October 14 – 15, November 11 – 12)
  • Weekly sessions (6 – 8 PM Eastern Time, every Thursday September 14 – November 30)
  • Each session will be interactive. Be prepared to play!
  • All sessions are recorded and replays will be available, because life happens and students are located all over the world.
  • Optional weekly practice and Q&A calls will be held during daytime hours in Europe/Africa (Mondays beginning 9/18, 1-3 PM ET) and Asia/Australia (Tuesdays beginning 9/19, 8-10 PM ET)

In order to receive certification, you must attend all classes (you must watch the replays and study on your own if you miss a live meeting), participate in all the practices (which occur during the live sessions), and pass a certification assessment that will be administered at the end of the 3-month course.

We are also going to hold weekly practice and Q&A calls for the cohort during daytime hours in Europe/Africa, as well as daytime hours in Asia/Australia outside of the official call schedule. Everyone will be able to attend a practice session, no matter what your time zone is.



More praise for Melissa’s work

“Melissa Tiers seamlessly integrates theory, technique, and application in such a way that you can practically feel your neurons firing off as you absorb it all.

In fact, learning from Melissa is one of those rare instances where the teacher makes it look easy when she does it – and then actually makes sure it’s easy when you do it too.

Clearly no one ever told her learning and fun don’t go together.”


“Like a freight train, Melissa moves you through mountains of material/gold in a way that ensures you’re never feeling like you can’t handle the pace.

Her class is super fun and challenging in a way that leaves you feeling triumphant and gleefully exhausted at the end of each day.”


… and praise for Simone’s work

“Simone is like no other teachers or coaches I know. I learned so much more from her than my 16 years of schooling including degrees in psychology!

She always breaks concepts down to the simplest form and adds her witchy spin on it to make it super relatable and easy to understand.

She is an example of what she teaches. She walks the walk. She shows us what’s possible. She gives permission to be messy and not be perfect while we are learning.”


“Since learning from Simone, I have had multiple 6-figure cash months, and grew by 1K new Instagram followers/month (up from a few hundred/month) without any paid aids or funny business… but most excitingly, I’ve become a much, MUCH better coach.

My client results have gone through the roof.

And most excitingly of all, I feel profoundly equipped to navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of spiritual online entrepreneurship.”


Have you ever had your entire life changed by a single conversation?

Ever experience a single moment that shifts everything?

One sentence, uttered to you in just the right way, that forever heals the way you see yourself?

Imagine every coaching conversation someone has with you feels like that.

And that’s just who you are.

Your default as a coach.

Imagine walking through the world, encountering all the different people in your path, and knowing that you have the power and ability to dramatically change any of their lives for the better. 

Imagine the business you would create from that way of being.

Imagine having that impact not just on your immediate clients and their loved ones, but the generations that come after them.

Being that coach… is what you deserve, and nothing less.

And that’s exactly who you are going to become in 3 months. And it starts with a single decision.

Become Certified In Integrative Change Work

September 9 — November 30, 2023

3 virtual weekend intensives (1 – 6 PM Eastern Time, September 9 – 10, October 14 – 15, November 11 – 12)

Weekly sessions (6 – 8 PM Eastern Time, every Thursday September 14 – November 30)

Additional practice and Q&A sessions open to all students will be 1 – 3 PM ET on Mondays (geared toward Europe/Africa daytime hours, beginning 9/18) and 8 – 10 PM ET on Tuesdays (geared toward Asia/Australia daytime hours, beginning 9/19)